Beethoven Festival House Bonn

Beethoven Festival House Bonn - Germany
Second Competition 2014-2015

Architectural Acoustics.
Project Management

Office: Hermann& Valentiny et Ass. (LU)
Client: Telekom, Deutsche Post DHL und Postbank

finalist-no winner

Seats: 1.500


ECB European Central Bank
Frankfurt - Germany

Project Team Partner

Office: Coophimme(L)blau

Renovation and extension House in Vienna 12 – Austria
Private client

Planning 2013 | Completion 2014

New Danube Private University
Krems Stein

Office: Valentiny Architecy

Project Management
Start of construction: Dezember 2015
(in progress)

Renovation Housing Embelgasse Wien - Austria
Project Team Partner

Office: architektur-Rainer
Client: Montfort Liegenschaftsverwaltung GmbH - Innsbruck
Start of construction: Juni 2003
Start of planning: 2000
Completion: 2006
Usable floor area: 2.310 m²


live today like
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Library of University Campus Belval
Project Management-2010

Office: Hermann & Valentiny et Ass. (LU)
Client: Le Fonds Belval
Start of construction: 2013
In Progress
Usable floor area: 18.688,92 m²

Renovation Schlangenapotheke
Vienna - Austria

Project Management

Client: Schlangenapotheke – Mr. Josef Partilla KG
Start of construction: 1999
Completion: 2000