Anna Rita Cedroni

Anna Rita Cedroni is an Italian born architect living in Vienna, Austria since 1992.

After taking her Master Degree in Architecture at the University of Rome, Italy “La Sapienza”, Anna Rita was awarded with a fellowship that allowed her to leave Italy participating in the European Program on Cooperation between University and Industry (COMETT-EU) in Vienna. On that occasion she met with Hermann & Valentiny Architects and started working for them.

She worked as a Project & Site architect, but also as a photographer of antique musical instruments and a graphic designer between 1993 and 2002.

Anna Rita broadened her professional experience developing projects for Social Housing and revitalization of “Gründerzeit” buildings in Vienna together with the Architect Klaus Rainer.

She was also involved in Art and Interior Design Projects together with Secolis Art & Design Group inc. in Miami Beach (USA).

At the beginning of 2003 Francois Valentiny invited her to collaborate for the renovation of the Concert Hall in Salzburg dedicated to Mozart (“Haus für Mozart” or Kleines Festspielhaus) which was inaugurated in June 2006.

This opportunity raised her old passion for theatre, music and dance performance and led her into theatre Planning and Acoustical Design.

She says: “The exciting thing was to find a symbiosis, an assonance between music and architecture, between sounds and space connecting the aesthetics with the perception of the space through different performances…”.

In 2006 Anna Rita joined Francois Valentiny’s office in Remerschen (LU) (Valentiny Architects) where she was responsible for the renovation of the Concert Hall in the Congress Palace in Saarbrücken, the planning of the new Library in the University Campus at Belval (LU) and the First Competition for the Opera House dedicated to Beethoven in Bonn, Germany, which was awarded the First Price.

In 2014 the second Competition of the Opera House dedicated to Beethoven in Bonn, Germany was issued; the challenge was to create a multi-functional Hall able to house various kinds of performances. Although the Opera House in Bonn will never be built, through this new experience she increased her professional education and her commitment to architectural acoustics.

She enjoys finding new solutions and collaborating with great teams.

I believe that in my job the best way to achieve a goal is to involve all the protagonists, clients, investors, technicians into the planning process with coherence and disposability.”

Her cultural background, influenced by many years of classical ballet and contemporary dance, but also the passion for music and love for research new way of body -mind expression, have influenced her professional life, considering her work special and unique.

Her architectural intuitions and versatility, her communication and management skills have let her participate to cultural and social Projects, which are truly her passion.

All the selected Projects show strongly her personal approach to architecture.


Projekt Manager Training (HP-Wien)

Authorised Civil Engeeniering (ZT)

Studium der Architektur an der Universität "La Sapienza" in Rom, Italien


Urban Planning
9CVTR 9th Congress "Virtual City and Territory": "Road map for a sustainable city: Vienna" SMART CITY 2025 University of Rom "Roma Tre", Italy

Uthopia - Euthopia. Metamorphosis of Space: Social and Political Implications in the Urban Planning from the 18th Century to Modern Times.
University of Rom «La Sapienza»

The WBSF Programm:“Recovery of old buildings in Residential Areas"
With Arch. Klaus Rainer
Bozen, Italy

Gender studies
"Masked Gender in Architectural Space".
"Women’s World" (The 7th international Interdisciplinary Congress on Women)
Section: "Women and Art". Workshop Tromsø, Norway


Italian, English, German


Cultural#Urban Planning#social#policy#support Living#Design

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